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PostSubject: Leritz   Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:54 am


Nickname/Alias: (What your character is known by, Only applies to Missing-Nin.)





Rank:(Everyone starts at Academy student unless you make a rp sample then you can start at genin) Genin


Element(s): Earth

Personal Info

Family:Brother (Rest is dead)


Bloodline:Seisoku Bochi (Living graveyard.)

Tattoo(s):Two one on each hand. Left hand has the moon the right hand has the sun
Scar(s):Hundreds scattered over his body

Looks: (Picture or description) Whatever my avatar looks like


Weapon(s):A sword


Equipment:A giant bag on his back containing thousands of bones

Extra Info

Bio: (Do not put Unknown everyone has a past)
Leritz had no last name due to his family never having one. At a young age he was taught how to reanimate the dead. Which his family specialized in. Eventually after becoming greedy and wanting more power he learned how to control every form of skeleton and shape it into what he wanted. Eventually he killed his parents for their skeletons. He left his brother alive because he wanted him to be bigger before he stole his skeleton. He took their skeleton because it was believed people with this ability had stronger and much more fluid type skeletons and required less chakra. After killing his parents he quickly became genin and went on a search for more bones to use. Over the years he has collected thousands which he puts in his bag.

Rp sample:Leritz just turned nine and was celebrating his birthday party. "Mother I want to become stronger. I want better bones to control." His mother hesitated."I'm sorry but... That isn't possible. The only way to do that would to kill your own family because only ones who have this ability in their blood and bones will be better. Thats why there never has been a true master of our technique. No one was willing to kill their own family." She smiled at him and began moving plates in and out from the house for his birthday party. The only people who were there were his father, mother, and little brother. A smile crept onto his was. "Very well. I will have what I want this year for my birthday!" It was finally time for the cake to come. His mother and father came out with the cake and began singing happy birthday. He was playing with two bones which wasn't unusual due to their specialty. "Time to blow the candles out son!" He breathed in and blew them out. "So what did you wish for?" His mother prompted. "Your bones." The two small bones he was playing with came to life and went straight into both their hearts killing them isntantly.
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Ryusaki Uchiha
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Akatsuki Leader
Ryusaki Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Leritz   Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:04 am


How much evil must humanity do before it does good

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