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 Ryusaki Uchiha

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Ryusaki Uchiha
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader
Ryusaki Uchiha

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Rank: S-Rank Criminal
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PostSubject: Ryusaki Uchiha   Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:04 pm

Name: Ryusaki Uchiha

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Rank: S-rank criminal

Village: Akatsuki (Ex-Village Rain)

Element: Fire/Wind

Personal info: Ryusaki was average at Taijutsu and has needed skill for it l. Even though he excels at ninjutsu and taijutsu. He was good at flying under the radar in the academy. Because of this he was pretty average at the academy. His affinity is fire as is most for his clan which works perfectly with his clan. His other clan members often agree to teach him fire jutsu's which he learns quickly even for members of his clan. While he doesnt use them often Ryu is exceptional at using the wazikishi's also he is ambudextrous so he is as equally strong and skilled with each arm. Using chakra Ryu can manipulate the Katon element, and bend it too his will. He can intensify flames, weaken flames, and bend them to his will. Ryu also has a standing jutsu from training, where by applying chakra to his hands he can create and fire "fire" from his arms feet and mouth. Agile, able to think on his feet and pay attention to detail.

Family: Father-deceased/ Mother-deceased

Clan: Uchiha clan

Bloodline: Sharingan

Tattoo's: none

Scars: none

Appearence: pic or avatar in sig (which ever one u wanna use)

Weapon(s): one medium sized sword on his back and another short sword attached to his left thigh (one on back) (one on thigh usually used at night or for assinations only difference is that there is only 1 sword on his thigh)

Armor: Chain mail, shirt

Equipment: Ryusaki has all of the average equipment of a ninja

scrolls on wrists used for summoning. A standing jutsu that allows him to form and shoot out C-rank fire and wind blasts from his arms and mouth without seals. The fire has concussive force if enough chakra is put into it, and the wind can slice and lacerate those caught in it.

Specialties- Fuuinjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu

Genin Arc

Ryu graduated from the academy at the age of eight years old. He was overall disliked by those around him in general. Never a good reason why, he was just the kid that they found easy to make fun of. He didn't per say make it hard for them either. Ryu would take the punishment, fueling their anger. As time went pass they would escalate in what they did to him. Beating him up "accidentally" throwing kunai at him during training among other things. Sure he would try to tell the teachers or do something better about it, but there was nobody to tell. Ryu's father was a ninja who spent as little time around him as possible on purpose. His mother was equally as distant, just not physically. Blaming him for every misfortune that befell them. Through this all training, was done by him alone. Trying his best to hone the basic skills he created over the years. That was until he was assigned a squad and a jonin. His jonin, saw that Ryu had potentiol, but non of it that could be unlocked through training by himself. Instead his jonin took him on as a personal, student. Giving him special training away from the rest of his squad, increasing Ryu's skills in the basic arts. This training continued even through to chuunin, giving Ryu the only parental figure he would ever know.

Chuunin Arc

Ryu and his squad were nominated to take the chuunin exams after around three years of being jonin. The reason why it had taken so long was based solely off the fact that their teacher wanted to make sure they passed. He was a proud person, and had no intention of leaving a scar on his name if they failed. Now eleven years old Ryu was now an average skill level. After three years of specialized training with with a jonin, Ryu would be much more skilled than that. There was much to work on though, and his teacher wanted to at least teach each of the students of their elemental affinity. Ryu had just begun to teach him how to use fire techniques. Ryu had far from mastered the technique, even so they were able to get through the second part of the exams. However though this group managed to avoid a preliminaries getting through the final stage would be more than a challenge. Of twenty possible people who took part, only about six managed to graduate. Ryu was luckily one of those six, but one of his old squad members weren't so lucky. Through just chance they were transferred to a different squad since the old set had graduated. At this rank is when Ryu began to show his skills and blossom into a skilled ninja. Through more intensive training, Ryu gained more control of his fire release. After his teacher had felt like he had given Ryu enough info about his fire release he decided to pass down a summoning to him. The summoning was a wind beast that had been handed down from generation to generation, since the jonin had no kids he decided to give it to the next best thing. Ryu had no way to control the summon at first, at one point even injuring him and won't for the rest of his chuunin carrer. Towards the end, his mother overdosed on alcohol and died. Though slightly saddened Ryu refused to attend the funeral, filled with anger from neglect of his childhood. His father did not attend either, Ryu simply put the thought out as he completed missions and moved onto the rank of jonin.

By this time Ryu had become a recognized ninja. Even now he remained to train with his old teacher that over time created a father son bond between the two. As time passed his old teacher began to teach Ryu how to control the summoning. He also helped Ryu perfect and develop some of his own special jutsu's for this rank. From here they remained friends as it had been almost six years since Ryu became a chuunin. At the same time as he was gaining a father he was losing one. After the death of his mother his father grew even more distanced from him now that there wasn't much pulling them together. Soon the father and son were more like rivals then they were family, competing witch each other to the point that one of the few missions they were on together ended in total failure. The death of several people, among other things, they both blamed the other. Eventually they figured it would be better to just split their own seperate ways. Ryu would remain a jonin for three more years while his father would join the anbu. At some time his father was captured in the field and commited suicide to avoid having to talk about his actions. Because of the nature of his work, no body was ever recovered. It is not like there was many people to bury him, as Ryu purposely broke off all contact with him. He had no thoughts of bringing back that connection just because the man was dead. But now he only had one "close" friend left, who felt he had taught him basically everything. Close to his death and final weaks before dying in the field, Ryu's sensei began to teach him genjutsu. He found out that he had a natural affinity for it, though it was overshadowed by his basic taijutsu and good ninjutsu skills. Ryu left it as an option but never pursued it, that is until his teacher died.

RP Sample:

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Gamma Akutabi
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Gamma Akutabi

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PostSubject: Re: Ryusaki Uchiha   Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:07 pm

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Ryusaki Uchiha
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