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 The Beginning

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Gamma Akutabi
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Gamma Akutabi

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PostSubject: The Beginning   Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:26 pm

Gamma Akutabi was born in the village of Flame. His mother is the only one who raised him, his father had died a month after she found out she was pregnant. He grew up a fairly normal life in Flame, or so he thought. He never noticied that he was treated differently by others in his villlage. They didn't treat him bad, it was just that they treated him exceptionally well as if to admire him. Maybe it was because since he grew up here it had always been like this so he never payed mind to it. Then one day during class Gamma was once again voluntered to demonstrate his fire jutsu's to the class. Gamma had always been an excellent student in class so he thought that all the times that he was voluntered was because of the fact that he was excelling in class, but each time he would do the same jutsu each and every demonstration everyone who watched simply looked in amazement. Gamma didn't mind the attention but he wondered why he was attaining so much of it.

One day he mentioned this question to his mother during a small conversation. She soon fell quiet. Gamma saw that his question had hit a nerve, so he asked what was the matter. His mother looked at him, as if to deem if he was ready to hear what she was about to say, or rather it was to question if she should even say what she was about to say. Gamma waited eagerly to hear the story, but once he had heard it everything made sense. The elevated treatment, the praise, the admiration. It wasn't because of him or his personality, it was rather because of who and what he was related to and his expertise in fire jutsu. Gamma found out that he was a part of the Akutabi Clan.

Gamma assumed that this clan must be legendary, seeing as he was being treated so well but his mother continued to finish her story. She told him that the Akutabi Clan were experts in the use of fire jutsu and were very well known, but their past was deep rooted in betrayal and deception. The Akutabi clan had been around for hundreds of years and as time went by the clan grew larger and larger. Because of this many members of the clan began to make factions, and as this occured many of the factions aspired to gain authority over the others. This deemed to be a "civil war" of sorts for the clan and significantly dropped the numbers of the clan and caused the remaining members of the clan to break apart and split up across the world.

Gamma was shocked by this revelation but he was even more shocked to find out that there was more to this story. His mother than began to tell him more about his father. She had told him before that he was a valiant ninja and that he should look up to him but she had never gone into detail about who he was or how he had died. As she began to tell him this story he felt something within himself that he had never felt before. It was as if he had found a purpose, something that he could use his life to work toward and accomplish. She told him that his father was a member of the main branch of the Akutabi Clan, the branch that had founded the entire Akutabi Clan. His father took part in the civil war that had ensued as a way to go to every faction and find a peaceful way of ending the fued and to bring the Akutabi Clan as a whole. Many people admired him because of this, others envied him, and many loathed him. Soon after the civil wars died down, and many of the members of the Akutabi Clan split apart his father had continued to find ways to bring the clan together until...His mother had to stop talking for a moment.

Gamma could tell that what his father was doing inevitably lead to his death. His mother continued to speak, obviously struggling to come out with the words. She told him that one night a faction of the Akutabi Clan came to their homes looking for his father. This faction hated his father and deemed that they would kill him in order to stop his ambition of reuninting the clan. His father confronted the three powerful ninjas and after an intense battle with the three he was able to come out victorious. The ninja then begged for mercy but Gamma's father just smiled. He then said to the three, "I could never kill you, you are a member of my clan therefore we are family." As he said this he held out his hand to the ninja he spoke to. The ninja smiled and put his hand out embracing him in a handshake. Soon the ninja turned traitorous and pulled his father forward, the other two ninja jumped at the chance with their ninjata's stabbed into him. Gamma's father was able to stand for a little while longer after this turn of events and said, "As I said are my brethren. I can never be mad at you...", and as he finished this he fell down into a pool of his own blood, with the three ninja hastily leaving the scene.

As Gamma's mother finished this story she began to bawl. Gamma was also on the verge of tears and the rage of anger so he ran up to his room, closing the door behind him. It had been a week since this story about his past was placed on him, he had conflicting ideas about what he should do. A part of him wanted to stay in the village and live life like it was previously, but another part of him knew he couldn't do that. Later that night Gamma's mind was set, he couldn't just live life in this village, there was more in life for him to accomplish. He wouldn't leave and try to gain vengeance on the ninja that murdered his father, in fact he would do the opposite. He would do what he father died trying to accomplish. He would reunite the Akutabi Clan and bring them back on the path of greatness. He knew he couldn't accomplish this by staying there, in Flame village for the rest of his life. He decided that night, he would become a strong shinobi and he would finish what his father couldn't do. He would reunite the Akutabi clan and bring it back on its path of greatness.
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The Beginning
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