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 Kenshi Orekami

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Kenshi Orekami
Kenshi Orekami

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PostSubject: Kenshi Orekami   Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:25 pm


Name:Kenshi Orekami




Village:Akkigakure (Oni Village)

Element(s):Katon (Fire)

Personal Info

Family: Tenshu Orekami (Father) Hiti Orekami (Mother)

Clan:None yet


Scar(s):A tattoo running from his abdomen to his top left shoulder



Weapon(s): A Katana on his back and A daggertail wrapped around his left arm the spreads into his backpack for extra distance

Armor:Chain mail on his left arm and shoulder to protect him from his own daggertails. He also carries with him A anbu mask and anbu armor that he found, even though he is far below anbu.

Equipment:Carries a backpack with him hat holds Extra daggertail length and food. Also with kunai

Extra Info


Kenshi Born? reborn? Questions filled his life. Savior? Conqueror? Demon? He remembers People would Ask his parents how he aquired his Bloodline. They wouldnt answer. But thats in the middle of our story, The beginning starts in the village of the oni. Here he had a normal or at least until he discovered what his Bloodline was, The ability to manipulate his bones, He loved it, but with this power people feared him. Cut him out as a outcast. His parents though treated him like he was to be a savior, But throughout all of his years he knew what he would become. He wanted to be a demon, or was it to be evil? He had no clue he just loathed and hated everyone. If it breathed it had a reason and to him if that reason wasnt to serve it was to lead. So he decided he didnt want to serve he wanted to lead. That is what would lead off Kenshi down the path to watch his mother and father die at the age of 10. Living on his own for the rest of his life and only living in the village of the oni

Rp sample:

The wind blew across the street, grass shifted and people talked innocently. A stranger walked the streets A stranger who has lived there for 14 years, A genin who has been ignored by society for 14 years. His boots smacked against the ground. His katana shook on his back and his mask was on the side of his head. He walked towards the end of the village where 2 large statues shaped like Demons stood guard. Their eyes looked intently on all passing by. Whether living there for all your life or just coming new the statues shook all. The child walked the streets and kicked up dirt behind him, To all who saw him at glance he looked like a ANBU but to those who looked would see the headband around his neck which symbolized his genin status. He easily passed the statues feeling a tingle crawl up his spine. A kunai in his hand he spun it around and payed little attention as the locals stared at him in disgust and the passer bys payed no attention to him at all. Walking out of his village he continued down A long winding path, this path he had used many times before and by this time he could walk it with perfect ease. He even bet himself to walk it with his eyes closed a few times. Every time he tried failed though because of these 3 bullies that constantly attacked him. I wonder if they are going to try today, it has been quite awhile since they last attacked me Kenshi laughed to himself quietly as he remembered how he previously defeated them. A sudden crack of a stick set him off. But he knew what it was once he realized what part of the path he was on. Taking a sharp right he walked into the woods until he found the cause of the noise.

Stepping from around a tree he looked onto the sound of the noise. It was a small man, he looked feeble and weak as well as starved. As it should be for the man was a loner. "Yo Kenshi said, The man looked up and just shook his head. Sighing Kenshi strolled up to him and plopped down. The man seemed to know exactly what kenshi wanted and said "Well now your getting bigger and bigger, last i saw you, you had at least a foot less on you. But other then that nothing has changed except the death of your parents. But less of that why dont you stay fro dinner" Kenshi just looked and gripped the leather strap the was around his shoulder and held up his backpack. Letting it slide off and flop to the ground he said "Sure, Let me go get firewood" Walking back off into the forest Kenshi started his search for firewood most of the wood was wet from nights passed or layed near creeks and were unusable as firewood. So he decided that close to the town would be some good ones. Unknowing to him was that the 3 bullies had gotten their squad leader who was a jounin to agree to helping them attack him. Kenshi landed then jumped. Leaves crushed and sticks snapped, behind him no more then 50 feet away a squad followed in suit. Kenshi landed in a small clearing which held a good bit of logs. Perfect and in a cylinder shape. As he picked one up he heard noone behind him, The squad was picked off by ANBU. Apprently the Akumakage was angered with all the attacks on kenshi. So ended Kenshi's almost eventful day

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Gamma Akutabi
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Gamma Akutabi

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PostSubject: Re: Kenshi Orekami   Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:36 pm

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Kenshi Orekami
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