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 Arashi's quest to become a jinchuriki

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Ikazuchi Kumo

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PostSubject: Arashi's quest to become a jinchuriki   Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:08 pm

( yellow is what i say/red is what i think/white is my actions)

Arashi was out training sword combat in the forest when a dense fog rolled in. Within seconds Arashi lost all visibillity, then Arashi lost his sense of direction running into a tree every now and then. While wandering around aimlessly Arashi begins to see a illusion of him and his family, then Arashi began to see everyone begin to fade away. Arashi started running to stop them from fading away but they kept on getting farther and farther away till Arashi was the last one one. When Arashi had finally stopped running he was standing on the edge of somewhere. Not even paying attention Arashi takes another step and falls in a lake. Arashi swims back to the surface and says "What the hell was up with that?" to himself, Arashi focused chakra into his legs and hands to get on top of the water then focused his chakra into his feet and headed to the middle of the lake to look around for any clearings in the fog.

= five minutes later =

Arashi arrives in the middle of the lake not seeing any openings he decides to search for what could be causing around the lake to be so foggy but above the lake to be clear to a extent. Arashi looks down to notice the water is crystal clear, then Arashi wonders "Why didn't I notice how clear the water was sooner? Lakes arn't usually like this their water is usually murky green." Then Arashi decides to check below to see if there was a answer there. Arashi stops his chakra flow and swims down in the lake to see if there was anything there, Then Arashi's eyes get wide when he sees Sanbi the three tails at the bottom of the lake. Arashi quickly swims to the top and decides what to do. Arashi decides to deafeat Sanbi and become the Jinchuriki of the Cloud.
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Arashi's quest to become a jinchuriki
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