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Akatsuki Leader
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PostSubject: Puppets   Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:34 pm

It is perfectly fine for you to decide to use and operate puppets. Just remember that the number you can control depends on your skill i.e (10 is a master, sasori is just a freak of nature)

Name: Human Puppets (人傀儡, Hitokugutsu)
Type: Supplementary
User: Sasori
Debut (Anime): Shippūden Episode 2

Sasori, converted into a human puppet.A technique developed by Sasori of the Red Sand, this allows him to create puppets from human corpses. As Sasori was the only person to know how to create human puppets, this technique became lost forever when he died.

By removing the internal organs of a foe and preserving the body to prevent decomposition, as well as adding weapons and defenses, Sasori can make powerful human puppets. These puppets are different from normal ones, as they retain their use of chakra and any Kekkei Genkai that the human host once had. Sasori developed this during his time in Sunagakure, and he claims to have 298 of them, using 103 in his battle with Sakura and Chiyo.

This body conversion method can also be used on still living, as Sasori turned himself into a puppet while still maintaining his life and mind.

One of Sasori's most powerful techniques revolving around the Human Puppets is the Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets, which, with his own puppet body modifications, allows him to control one hundred human puppets, a feat impossible for even the most elite puppet users. Though they lack team work, they are used to overpower the enemies through attrition, and was claimed to have taken down an entire nation.

You can make your own puppets and attacks

When making your own puppets please include these things.

Weapons: self explanatory

Looks: self explanatory

Description: Please say where the weapons are hidden on the weapon, any seals and so on.

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