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 Nagi Kazegans App

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Fuma Nagi
Mist Academy Student
Mist Academy Student

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Rank: Academy Student
Village: Mist

PostSubject: Nagi Kazegans App   Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:11 am

Name: Nagi Kazegan

Age: 14


Rank:Academy Student

Village: Mist

Element(s): Fūton (Wind)

Family: Died in a war in which they were not involved

Clan: Kazegan

Bloodline:Kazegan (Wind Eye)

Tattoo(s): Blue flame running up his left arm from the elbow to shoulder
Scar(s): A single line running from his navel to his right pectoral from a shuriken embedding in his chest before his sister gave her life using Kazegan to seal the wound.


Weapon(s): Four Nintou blades, two sets of twin blades. One set positioned in a single sheath at the waist behind him, the other set in an X-shaped sheath on the back.

Armor: Sleeveless tight fitting shirt, armored elbow pads and tight black pants

Equipment: Gloves and Chakra Radar googles (Much like Deidaras)

Bio: After his family was killed by Sand nin he swore to his sister that he would carry on the legacy of the Kazegan and use it to kill the Kazekage for banishing them to Kirigakure. As his sister died in front of him a single Sand ninja kicked in a door, hearing Nagi let out a hearty scream and as they locked eyes the Sand nin saw the Kazegan activate and a pentagram start to spin around Nagi's pupil before blacking out for several cuts on his body. He was later found by a Toad Sage who attempted to help him trained and was accidentally killed by Nagi, he banished himself from Kirigakure and wondered into the land called Onigakure and decided to reside there until he finds a way to kill the Kazekage with his fathers jutsu, Raikazekiri.

Rp sample: (None)
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Kenshi Orekami
Kenshi Orekami

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Village: Oni

PostSubject: Re: Nagi Kazegans App   Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:27 am


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Nagi Kazegans App
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