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 Maruki's character app.

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Oni Genin
Oni Genin

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PostSubject: Maruki's character app.   Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:51 am


Name: Maruki

Age: 20 years young

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village: Oni

Element(s): Raiton affinity

Personal Info

Family: None at the moment

Clan: Takeda

Bloodline: Soshigan

Tattoo(s): 4 diamond shape [Takeda emblem]

Looks: (Picture or description)


Weapon(s): Long 2-handed Spear

Armor: Loose black ninja uniform with leather straps over his limbs.

Equipment: Shuriken, Kunai, Senbon, Steel wire spools, explosive tags.

Extra Info

Bio: Maruki lived in poverty most of his child hood. His parents seperated and himself unaware of what his families history was. HIs father was a Missing Nin from the village and his mother was a chef in a crappy Cafe. It wasn;t until Maruki went sneaking around her things one night did he learn about the Takeda Clan. When asked abut it his mother told him not to mention it ever again and that it wasn't important. Feeling liek he needed more he took the takeda family's emblem and entered the Ninja Academy to find his father and to bring his own life to a better situation.

Rp sample: [Takes place at the Final exams in the Ninja Academy]
Maruki's Chuunin Instructor calls his name to take his Final Exam. He stands in the appointed spot for his projectile portion of the test. He pulls out three kunai and throws them all very quickly hears them all hit the wooden target and the cling of metal hitting together as thye all hit the center. The other student clap in amazement as no one has been able to aim so accuratly fresh out of the academy in over 5 years.
He then moved to the Ninjutsu potion of the exam and stood infront of three judges of the academy. They asked him to perform the bunshin no Jutsu and the Henge Jutsu. Maruki took a deep breath and made the katas for the Bunshin and a perfect copy of himself appeared in a puff of smoke. then with the clone still active he motions his hands for the henge katas and transforms himself intoa mirror image of his Chuunin examiner. The judeges clapped for his display and handed him his headband for graduation. Maruki walked out confidently as he was now able to look into becoming an even better shinobi to find his father.

Last edited by Maruki on Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:45 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Didn't see whole list of villagees before applying.)
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Kenshi Orekami
Kenshi Orekami

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PostSubject: Re: Maruki's character app.   Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:57 am


but please try harder to rp, more detail ^^

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Maruki's character app.
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