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 Ryuusuke Touketsu

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Ryuu Touketsu
Snow Genin
Snow Genin
Ryuu Touketsu

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PostSubject: Ryuusuke Touketsu   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:42 pm

Name: Ryuusuke Touketsu

Preferred Name: Ryuu

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village: Hidden in the Rain

Element(s): Water/Wind/Ice

Personal Info

Family: Parents Deceased/ Older Brother 24 Former Ninja

Clan: Touketsu (Branch)

Bloodline: Koori ShuShou (Ice Palm)

Tattoo(s): none
Scar(s): none



Weapon(s): Currently none

Armor: none

Equipment: Basic ninja gear

Extra Info

Bio: Ryuusuke or Ryuu was born into the Touketsu Clans branch like most clans that had a main and branch the branch existed to protect the Main. Thus with this at the forefront in his mind Ryuu had been trained to use his unique Jutsu to protect the Main. The Touketsu clan was unusual because the Branch had a different Bloodline then the Main but the Mains bloodline was a purer form then the Branch. Ryuu is a master of Taijutsu and Water Ninjutsu as a genin he shows promise to be a great Ninja of the Touketsu clan. Still to young and novice to bring out the full effects of his bloodline he can lower temperatures almost to the point of snowfall. Only during winter does a trait of his bloodline take effect as he is able to control the snow using his chakra although he cannot use Ice jutsu. Ryuu's mission in life is to protect the Main and to show his clan and the Hidden Rain that there bloodline has the ability to surpass the mains.

Rp sample: Ryuu was in the midst of a training exercise with a ninja from the branch. Ryuu had to dodge a series of water ninjutsu to survive the task the branch felt if you were incapable of surviving your own element your incapable of protecting the main branch. "Damn it...when is he going to attack next....?" Ryuu thought to himself as he looked on over the vast lakes looking for the next attack he held a kunai in his hand and looked on for the slightest of movements. Suddenly a water dragon appeared from a lake and attacked Ryuu.

"There!" Ryuu stated as he dived into the lake avoiding the dragon he was able to catch a glimpse of his fellow ninja "Oi Ryuu! Pay attention!! I'm not just going to attack you with Suiton you know!" He said Ryuu wondered what he meant suddenly as he moved in the direction of the ninja he saw a silk thread "OH MAN!" Ryuu said "Got you!" The ninja cut the thread with a shuriken underneath the water was several waterproof paper bombs. Ryuu was engulfed in the blast "What a shame...I thought he would have been good enough oh well another one bites the dust." The ninja said as he let out a sigh and turned around and was faced with a Kunai to his neck.

"Water Clone..look it up" Ryuu stated "Heh heh well done Ryuu you pass!" Ryuu bowed as both ninja returned from the training area.
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Ryusaki Uchiha
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader
Ryusaki Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuusuke Touketsu   Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:52 am


How much evil must humanity do before it does good

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Ryuusuke Touketsu
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